Maybe I'm recovering from the opening. So tired, worn out and depleted I couldn't really take it all in. It was a very fun, packed party. Now I can sort through everything and learn from all of it. For one, I kept saying to myself as I worked on my ipad, drew my cats, painted in my backyard, took mysterious photos in France - I need to be working on my show. I Really Need to Be Working on My Show. When I got back from my trip I was working on what my husband calls my "Loire Triptych" and I felt like I was working on my show. When I painted my 36x48 canvas of the garden outside my studio, it was the biggest painting I had ever made outside of a class. I told myself it was dumb to experiment so close to the show, and that I wouldn't have time to finish it anyway. But I felt like I was working on my show. But everything before that ....out the the window.

When all was said and done, the show was forming while I was busy saying "I need to plan my show!," all the while I was saying, "That can't possibly go in!"  The show was happening while I was off to the side trying to figure it all out. Like life. The future is in us, already formed and forming, our direction already present in our lives (and studios). Can I remember that, please?