02/15/14 A long pose pays off

I'm so confident that this site is going to go live that I'm just going to keep writing.

A colleague on Facebook is doing a drawing a day, and invited anyone who wanted to join in. Of course, being a joiner and loving to draw, I said "sure!" I count myself proud getting in some drawing on a frequent basis, and it keeps the bar high and in my mind. I notice that when I draw, I have a sense of fulfillment, knowing that I have done some art that day, even if not something "big." Even if it isn't "good." Working plus art plus family plus gallery plus, plus, plus! Hard. But to know that even if it is a doodle, it is something.

This afternoon, for another project, I am drawing my feet. Such a sweet thing to finally have a model in my family that is willing to sit for a long pose. I love long poses – there's the time to really see what I am looking at. Thank you, feet!