3/4/16 The Morning After - No Regrets After All That Hard Work!

The morning after the show! I was too tired to post yesterday, but it was a huge turnout for First Thursday. Thanks to Everyone who came. My favorite part was all the opportunities to talk with people (whom I often had not met before) about the work. People were interested in the materials and the process, and also very engaged with the thoughts that came up, such as the response of women to their life situations (was Diana's reaction to Actaeon seeing her nude justified, for example), the parallel of painting to dreaming, and the animal nature of claw-footed bathtubs. So fun!

If you weren't able to make it, the show is up through April 2, and Gallery 114 is open from noon-6 p.m. Thursday - Sunday. I have some specific times I'll be at the gallery (Friday, 3/18, 3-6; Saturday 3/12, noon - 6; Saturday 4/2, noon-6). April 2nd is take down day, so if you are coming that day, please come before 5, or the show will probably be in the process of coming down.