Entering the exhibit, left wall

Entering the exhibit, left wall


A Story of Dementia, Relationship and Spirituality

Installation overview

Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon

July 30 - August 31

Having gone on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January, Clark found
that profound journey to be strongly tied into her mother’s own journey
of advancing dementia. Clark has fallen in love anew with her mother
during this difficult time, and the trio of installations here reflect on the stories
her mother has told her and the feelings they have shared. Clark uses ancient
Byzantine icon painting techniques alongside contemporary painting styles to tell
these stories, and used made and found objects to add to the narrative.

In taking up the role of storyteller for this exhibition, Clark’s focus has
been on using visual language and vocabulary as well as metaphor
to examine the meaning of long, arduous journeys. While many outcomes are
possible, the distinguishing characteristic of a pilgrimage is the expansion of identity
and a growing relationship with that which is greater than one’s self. As the viewer

wanders through this exhibition, Clark invites the recollection of the viewer’s own stories
of journey, pilgrimage and meaning.