1/31/15 Branches and changes afoot

It promises to be a big year. I'll be leaving my current work to focus on art. I'd love to keep my hand in with consulting about program development in non-profits, especially with organizational structure, volunteer management and intercultural competency. I've been involved in 4 different program startups, and it would be fun. However, my main deal is seeking for what my art says when looking for the small, the glimpses, the ways in which life speaks through mark making. So often it reflects the bigger questions, relationships and state of being of both the artist and for the world. It's like the story of the person who falls over the cliff and is hanging on desperately to the one branch that's there. She yells to God for help, and God yells back "let go of the branch!" Haven't had this feeling for a long time. Exhilarating? Terrifying? Both.